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To what extent will home security signs deter intrusion in Spokane?

August 29, 2022
vivint signage in the front yard next to a black picket fence

Displaying a sign with a security logo in the front yard can be essential for numerous home security systems. It alerts potential intruders that your residence is under protection and that they should look a more unfortified house to target. But you would be smart not to rely completely on a square of cardboard to dseter intrusion in Spokane. A well-designed home security system would also have other tools, like security cameras, smart locks, and motion detection.

Studies show security signs will deter intrusions in Spokane

Various studies indicate that security signs are effective when looking at ways to deter an intrusion. The logical explanation is that the thief will see the sign and instantly decide that your home is way too risky. After all, why worry about surveillance systems and alarms when a burglar can pivot to an unprotected home somewhere else?

With that being said, the same reports show that a security sign isn’t the most intimidating intrusion impediment. A smartly positioned sign mostly discourages less experienced prowlers, but professional criminals may want to find how much security is truly defending your house before looking the other way. Other equipment, like cameras, are more effective at thwarting prospective invaders.

Additional security components that deter intrusion in Spokane

Although security signs may help deter intrusion in some instances, they are not intended to be relied upon as your single security measure. Here are some top deterrent options that should enhance the defense of your home:

  • Outside video cameras: Placing a surveillance device underneath an eave or right onto the side of your property does more than security signs to deter an intrusion in Spokane. The remotest thing a criminal would like is to be caught on video.

  • Doorbell security cams: The great thing about a doorbell camera is that it’s installed in the perfect place, right by your primary entrance. A veteran invader also will understand that these devices link with your mobile device through an app.

  • Smart locks: A smart lock features a coded keypad instead of a traditional lock. These are more challenging to circumvent and simpler for you to keep tabs on.

  • Smart light bulbs: The top strategy to deter a prowler is to make it look like you are home. Arranging a light to illuminate whenever your security camera notices unusual activity helps produce this appearance. You might even put your lighting on a program to activate at specified times when you're away from home.

The most effective deterrent is a Vivint home security package

When you order a Vivint security system, you don’t need to worry about signage and window stickers being your chief means of protection. Not only will signage be part of your home’s defense, but you could also opt for the surveillance systems, smart locks, and smart lights that make your home more secure. Simply dial (509) 794-3440 or submit the form on this page to consult with a security professional.